Reece Dunham

Heya, I'm a coder, designer of websites, and open-source lover.

About Me

I am a software developer and I maintain many open source projects on GitHub. I have been coding since 2014, and can say I have knowledge in most of the common programming languages such as Python and JavaScript to name a few.


I have taken a large amount of classes on Python (my main language) and web design, plus some on other languages such as Java, React, and the basics of Docker. I run several OSS projects that have helped me to learn how to apply code to the real world.


When I'm not working on software, I am most likely walking my dog, enjoying tennis, taking a hike in the local woods, playing a video game or two, listening to Spotify, or watching Netflix. Or sleeping - that's great for gaining energy to code more.

Get in touch

Want to have a chat? My contact info is on the sidebar. I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Things I've made

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Open-source projects I've worked on

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