Google Acquired Fitbit


This is going to be a short post, but something I feel is important to discuss.

Recently, Google acquired Fitbit, the exercise-tracking wristband maker.

Google has stated that "Fitbit health and wellness data will not be used for Google ads," although it will collect data, much as it does with its other platforms. I personally feel uncomfortable hearing this, as an ex. Fitbit owner, I don't feel like my health data is in good hands now.

All Fitbit owners should be aware of this, and make a decision for themselves about if it is worth keeping the Fitbit!

Edit as of November 7th (2019): Fitbit support replied to me on Twitter, saying the following things:

  1. "1/2 Hi Reece. We'd like to help. We are committed to the same strong data privacy and security protections. You will be in control of your personal data, and we will remain transparent about the data we collect and why."
  2. "2/2 We never sell your personal information and Fitbit health and wellness data."

Followed by a link to a dedicated help page.

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