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RDILWeb is the common namespace that my web products and services share. You can find all the open source components at @rdilweb on GitHub.


RDILWeb owns and operates the following domains:


RDILWeb has published most of its DNS records in the rdilweb/DNS-Records repository.

Project Statuses

Here is a list of all the open source RDILWeb projects, and their statusus:

rdilweb/PickleCoreA cool Jekyll theme built for
rdilweb/DNS-RecordsRDILWeb's DNS records.Active
rdilweb/cirrus-builder-v2Cirrus CI configuration builder in webapp form.✅ Stable
rdilweb/static-serverAn easy and basic static server.✅ Stable
rdilweb/mkdocs-plugin-progressA plugin for MkDocs that lets you know exactly what is happening during the build.✅ Stable
rdilweb/intutilsBasic Python integer toolkit.✅ Stable
rdilweb/cra-template-readyReady-to-use Create React App template, so you can ignore the useless files and get right to coding.✅ Stable
rdilweb/docsDocumentation for a lot of my projects.❌ Archived
rdilweb/Flask-Talisman-RDILFork of Flask-Talisman used on my backend server.❌ Archived
rdilweb/skyblock-minion-calcA calculator for prices of different minions in Hypixel Skyblock.❌ Archived
rdilweb/am-i-cool.pwA dumb website.❌ Archived
rdilweb/Flask-ColoredLoggingExtension for Flask that adds colorful logging to the console!❌ Archived
rdilweb/privacyA site for all my thoughts, ideas, and rants related to privacy.❌ Archived
rdilweb/Classroom-DarkGoogle Classroom dark theme.⚠️ Alpha