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The RDIL API is able to perform certain tasks that help out in different ways.

Base Endpoint

The production version is hosted at

HyperiumJailbreak Specifics

HTTP MethodEndpointDescription
GET/words.txtGet the NickHider word list.
GET/levelhead_config_mirror.jsonGet the Levelhead config file.

Hypixel Timers

HTTP MethodEndpointDescription
GET/timers/dark-auctionGet the time until the next dark auction.


To prevent abuse, the server's source is no longer public.

Privacy Policy

These details only apply to

When you make a request to the API, your request is processed by Cloudflare, and then us. We do keep logs of visits, which are one-line strings that contain the following infomation:

  • The IP that made the request
  • The timestamp
  • The request method (e.g. POST)
  • The HTTP protocol version you are using
  • The response code (e.g. 200 or 404)
  • The requested endpoint
  • How long it took the server to provide a response in seconds

In addition, we make these promises about the data:

  • We do not keep these logs more than two months.
  • We do not sell this data.