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DNSR Specification

DNSR is a specification for displaying DNS records in a clean way.


You can basically use any format for DNSR, but I recommend the use of TOML for its features.

Provider-specific fields

Certain fields listed here are only for a certain provider or set of providers. They will all start with the name of the provider (e.g. cloudflare, namecheap, or godaddy), and should be ommitted if you don't use that provider!



Details about the domain itself.

Potential fields:

  • tld - The TLD of the domain (example: the TLD of "" is "com").
  • name - The part of the domain before the TLD (example: the name of "" is "hello").
  • dnssec - A boolean for if DNSSEC is enabled on the domain.
  • provider - The DNS provider for the domain (examples: "Cloudflare", "Namecheap").
  • namecheap_is_parked - A boolean for if your site is just parked via Namecheap.


A namespace for the domain's DNS records.


A namespace for all the records with a certain {TYPE}, for example A or CNAME.

Naming the {SUBDOMAIN}

The {SUBDOMAIN} can be "@" for the root domain (a string if you are using TOML), for example:


put_values = "here"

Here are potential values you can put under this namespace:

  • ttl - The time to live integer. See this guide for more information. If you are using the "Auto" setting from your provider, you can ommit this.
  • priority - The priority integer for MX records.
  • cloudflare_is_proxied - A boolean for if your site has Cloudflare's HTTP proxy enabled.
  • location - If the record points to a type such as a URL or IP, add it here as a string.
  • value - If the record is a text-based type (example: TXT, SPF), add it here as a string.
  • cloudflare_ruleset - A meta-string for if your site has a Cloudflare page rule enabled. Can be ommitted, "CUSTOM", or "DRAFTED".
  • dns_managed_by - If this specific record is managed by a different provider then your main one, put its name in this field.


For a real-world example, RDILWeb has published most of its DNS records in DNSR format here.