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Support Policy

This policy details how my different projects handle support, updates, and maintenance.



Active means a project is being actively developed, or due to the nature of the project cannot be marked as stable, but is "stable" in its current state.


The project has reached a useable point, and may continue to receive feature updates as ideas are suggested. The project will also receive periodic updates for smaller things, such as dependency updates.

Deprecated / Unsupported

This project has finished development and will not be getting any more updates in the future unless deemed necessary by me.

All of my archived projects can be found on my GitLab - I sometimes delete them from my GitHub if they aren't really used at all.


This project is currently a concept, an idea that has not been fully implemented/tested yet.


This project has just been finished, and is in the process of being tested before being pushed to production.


This project has just graduated from prototype, but is missing features/may work with obvious flaws pending fixes.


One of the above classifiers has yet to be assigned.


By Request Type

All requests are ordered in a specific priority for me, so that I can triage based on what is important.

  1. Security. Security is always my top priority, and comes above all else.
  2. Usability. If an app has a problem with the UX/DX, this comes next.
  3. Maintenance. Basic fixes are less important.

By Project

If the project in question is large, it will have a higher priority then a side project for example.